Chefmade 12inch Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan WK3003/ WK3003-1
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CHEFMADE 12" Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan Kuali Omel Tamagoyaki WK3003/ WK3003-1


Product Name: Chefmade
Model: WK3003/ WK3003-1
Material: Composite Steel
Color classification: Red / Green
Pot Diameter Size Value: 18.2cm
Features: Non-Stick
Applicable Objects: Gas / Induction Cooker 
Packing Volume: 32*13.5*4cm

Instructions for use:

  1. Chefmade non-stick cookware is suitable for induction cooker, gas stove and other stoves
  2. When cooking, please use wooden or nylon spatula to avoid metal spatula from scratching the inner wall of the pot, resulting in decreased non-stick performance
  3. It is recommended to cook on a low fire to avoid long-time empty pot boiling, which may cause pot deformation and reduce service life
  4. After cooking, use the remaining temperature of the pot to clean the pot and wipe off the water stains to keep the pot lasting as bright as new
  5. Do not store acidic and alkaline food, stagnant water, salt water in the pot for a long time to avoid corrosion of the pot surface
  6. Do not use hard sanitary ware to clean pots and pans. It is recommended to use a soft cloth to clean the pot