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Chefmade 13inch Baking Deep Pan With Rack -WK9266
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Product Information Product Information

13 inch Deep Pan With Rack


Product specifications】

1 set / box

【Product Size】 Pan (346 * 247 * 60) / Rack (311 * 215 * 16mm)

【Material】 0.8mm Heavy Steel Type through the global food contact standards, and distribution. Any country in the world


About this Item:

  • Excellent durability, efficient heat transfer and high temperature resistance
  • Easy food release and easy to clean
  • Comfortable touch and easy to carry when using glove
  • Quality assurance.


Use and care

  1. Wash by hand in warm water with mild soap. Use a soft sponge or nylon when needed.
  2. Do not apply to nonstick spray for cooking use.
  3. Apply for tools (soft silica gel, nylon, etc). Do not use sharp metal utensils in case of scratches.
  4. They do not apply to fire or dishwasher.
  5. They do not apply to microwave or electromagnetic oven.
  6. Mild scratches on the mold is fine.


Frequently asked questions...

What else to notice when using the nonstick pan?
A. please clean and dry the pan before the first use.
B. away from metal tools. Apply for tools (soft silica gel, nylon, etc).
C. They are only applied to the oven and fridge (put it at low temperature). They are not applied to fire, dishwasher, microwave or electromagnetic oven.
D. Temperature range: -4 – 428 degrees Fahrenheit.